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I want to appeal my ban
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First, please read this article to learn more about your ban. 

If you have a timeout and appeal, staff will review your recent moderation history. Please be aware that this may lead to a longer ban than you have already received, if warranted upon review. 

If you have a ban and appeal, staff will have already reviewed the recent reports against you. Unless you include new information in your appeal, it is likely to be denied. If you wish to have us check into abusive reporting against your account, please give some information about the incident in which you believe you were mass reported, or the people responsible. 

If the ban is due to an associated account, staff may or may not be able to remove the associations depending on the number and frequency of associations. Please do not share your account information with other people, or allow other people to log in at your location, as this may lead to them sharing bans with you. If you have an associated ban only, please appeal by sending us a ticket. See this article for more information. 

Please be aware that staff review reports throughout the week, and bans may be issued at a different time than the behavior that earned the ban. Even if you were behaving in keeping with the Code of Conduct at the time you were banned, the ban may be due to prior behavior. 

If you wish to continue with your ban appeal, please click here

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